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Why I don’t Watch NollyWood Movies

I might be a proudly Nigerian but not to the side of Nollywood, their movies really sucks to me. Can you believe that once I take a look at a Nollywood movie cover paper I can close my eyes and tell you how the movie is gonna start and end? They are damn too predictable […]

My View in Church and Dressing

Ye, I better not talk about this but I wanna talk about it 🙂 . I see how dressing and church is becoming a big issue between churches especially here in Nigeria, some churches never bother about what you dress to church while some does but at last we all see the Spirit of God […]

Living by What you Want to Live With – Never get Influenced

As at when I made this post am 20 still I see myself living the life I want to live and fighting not to get influenced to life I don’t wanna live. The quote is right that bad company corrupt good manners, you can’t keep a good tomato in the midst of bad ones and […]

Etisalat Nigeria Missed Call Notification Service: View Missed Calls Even When Phone is Off

A nice service by Etisalat Nigeria, am always asking why won’t they charge for an important service like this? Only will charge for some useless services like Ringback Tunes :/

GTBank 1 Click Top Up – Buy Airtime from your Bank Account with 1 Click!

It was a good thing and I was so much much happy when I first recharged my Etisalat line with just a one click of a USSD Code 🙂 . Really GTBank is making life easier in Nigeria and it’s one of fast growing bank when it comes to applying IT in money (Cashless Policy) […]

Youtube-dl: A Video Download Tool for Linux

Day by day I don’t feel any remorse of leaving Windows for Linux, using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is one of the wonderful things I have experienced on earth. Downloading Youtube videos with just a one line of command is awesome!

How I Downloaded Upto 1GB of File With Just N200 in Etisalat Nigeria

Hey, I know this sounds wierd but its actually true and legit! Yes, I said you can download up to or even more than 1GB file with just N200 depending on your download speed 😉

How to Use MTN Night Plan in Daylight Using OpenVPN (Smartphones & PC)

I am a good fan of MTN Night Plan, its really cool and enjoyable. One certain time when I have exhausted the 1.5GB for daily I need to go online to correct an error which was so so urgent, I have no other option for me than to try some tricks because am not gonna […]

Are my Sins Really Forgiven? Get to know

This is a question many Christians ask that usually turn down their faith whenever they want to communicate with God. Once you close your eyes to pray, you see flash back of scenes where you indulged in sin. Let me let you know, our God is a merciful God, a very kind and graceful One […]

How to Unlock Huawei E303 and E-series Modems Free

How to Unlock Huawei E303 and E-series Modems Free

Lately last year, unlocking Huawei Modems (especially Model E303) was a very big task for all engineers even me! 😀 Now on coming into a new year, an Indian dude provided a solution for all (thanks to him though). Huawei changed their algorithm of locking their modems which caused the delay in finding a way […]