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Advantages of a Guy Having a Lady as a Bestie

Like what?! And yes! I have lady as my bestie and she’s so cute -_- . Being a guy having a lady as a bestie which most guys don’t have, I’ll give ya some advantages in it… disadvantages – I’ve come across none before, sorry guys. I had this bestie since 6 or 7 years […]

Believer – How to Still Keep Your Unbelieving Friends

Friendship is a good thing, I kinda have friends all over the globe and some are religious, some are of my religion and other are not religious. Are you going to loose your friends simply because they are not religious or not of your religion? Hell no! I have couple of them and still keeping […]

Why I don’t Watch NollyWood Movies

I might be a proudly Nigerian but not to the side of Nollywood, their movies really sucks to me. Can you believe that once I take a look at a Nollywood movie cover paper I can close my eyes and tell you how the movie is gonna start and end? They are damn too predictable […]

Living by What you Want to Live With – Never get Influenced

As at when I made this post am 20 still I see myself living the life I want to live and fighting not to get influenced to life I don’t wanna live. The quote is right that bad company corrupt good manners, you can’t keep a good tomato in the midst of bad ones and […]