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Downloading Package Source Files and Rebuilding in Debian/Ubuntu

Gets to a point you might want to rebuild a package, maybe to be modified. It is easily done in Debian based systems. We will be using nano for this post, we are going to download nano source and rebuild it to a .deb file. Before this is done, you have to add deb-src to […]

Bluetooth: Fix a2dp-source profile connect failed for XX Protocol not available in Linux

Been a while I’ve always wanted my Android to stay connected to my Linux via Bluetooth but I always get this heartbroken error message. bluetoothd[778]: a2dp-source profile connect failed for XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: Protocol not available Why This Error? Most bluetooth devices are connected to your PC to use as Multimedia device (Sound), but when it wants […]

Installing Package From LaunchPad PPA in Debian

LaunchPad PPA allows you to upload Ubuntu source packages to be built and published as an apt repository by Launchpad. Ubuntu accepts adding of Launchpad PPAs easily and install any package you want. But here in Debian, it’s not so. I figure out a way to download package from PPAs in Debian and receive updates […]

Creating Wi-Fi Hotspot in Ubuntu (Visible to Android and All Devices)

Using Ubuntu, I had problems in sharing network to my SmartPhone especially Android, Ubuntu does not share an AP network which Android sees and uses but shares and Infrastructure network, of course you should know how to share ordinary Wi-Fi Hotspot in Ubuntu. Now in this post I’d be sharing how to share Wi-Fi Hotspot […]

Now Install and Use Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 Officially!

Earlier Skype wasn’t made available to Ubuntu 14.04 users, if you’d check their website for download the least version of Ubuntu you’d see is Ubuntu 13. I can remember I installed and used Skype in my older Ubuntu 14.04 (that’s before I reformatted) but I did some tweaking before I got it. But now seems […]

Installing and Using Webmin in Ubuntu Linux – Web-based System Administration

Webmin is Web-based tool for making System Administration in Linux easier not editing those codes and config files all the time. I am a great fan of this tool because I’ve used it and it helped me alot especially in config files, this tool is also light and doesn’t need much RAM memory to run. […]

Using and Configuring Virtual Hosts (Addon Domain) in Apache for Ubuntu 14.04

If you’ve got a VPS or your own private server, of course you won’t want to use it for a site only, you would want to add more sites because it’s a private server and you do your stuffs the way you want it. Apache offers this which is so easy, hosting multiple websites in […]

Using Nginx as Reverse Proxy for Apache in Ubuntu 14.04

For sure Apache is a cool Web Server because of mods being available to tweak to anything you want as long as you provide it’s food which is memory! But the evolving of Nginx seem to start knocking of Apache because it’s less memory consuming and faster, what if your site already run Apache and […]

Setting Recursively Different File Permissions on Directories and Files in Linux

In the directory your Web Server is serving, you might need some permission on files and directories for security purposes. As www-data is the common user for Web Servers and it has to own a file for it to have access to it, sometimes we don’t create a file or directory with the www-data guy […]

Setting Python3 as your Default Shell Python in Ubuntu

Default Ubuntu Python package version is 2.7, while in my Python class I use 3.4 and everything I keep typing python3 whenever I want to run python. Want to turn 3.4 to your default? Easy, BASH made this available by providing space for aliases in the config. Aliases is not only for this function, I […]