James John – Software Engineer

Why I don’t Watch NollyWood Movies

I might be a proudly Nigerian but not to the side of Nollywood, their movies really sucks to me. Can you believe that once I take a look at a Nollywood movie cover paper I can close my eyes and tell you how the movie is gonna start and end? They are damn too predictable that is still just one vulnerability of them, the last time I bought a Nollywood movie with my cash is like 2008 but can’t recall last time I sat down and watch a Nollywood movie from start to end. But come to Hollywood, they rock! I enjoy their movies quite well 🙂 although my mum might say it’s all about shooting and killing but if you really concentrate on the movie, you must learn one thing!

Well, am not saying I can do it better than Nollywood because am not a script writer and am not actor but when someone sees what’s good you must testify and want to copy. Sometimes I ask myself if these Nollywood script writers just by mistake peep into a Hollywood movie?  They should see the BIG difference, I can point out my hates in Nollywood if you wish to read on 🙂

PS: If you are already a NollyWood fan, I bet you ain’t gonna like this. Sacrifice a time and sit down, watch a HollyWood movie from start to end and see the diff

Well, my fingers are aching now while I’ve still got more to write about Nollywood. We need that change, meanwhile if you wanna add something or wanna correct me, comment box is usually open. Cheers!

James John

Software Engineer