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Living by What you Want to Live With – Never get Influenced

As at when I made this post am 20 still I see myself living the life I want to live and fighting not to get influenced to life I don’t wanna live. The quote is right that bad company corrupt good manners, you can’t keep a good tomato in the midst of bad ones and still want it fresh.

But to human beings, majority of us the lives we see ourselves living we learnt it somewhere, no one was born with knowledge. As both bad and good lives exist on earth, its for you to choose wisely and stick to it if you really wanna live with it :). Since my childhood till now I’ve seen many lifestyles, characters and behaviours of people and I have chosen the ones I want to live with and stick to it. Sometimes I ask myself, “why don’t I smoke? Why don’t I sag my pants?” why would I ask myself these questions? Simply because I’ve lived and associate with such people still I retain the kind of life I wanna live. Now I’ll share you some of my tips to help stick to the life you wanna live.

  1. Determination: Well, this is the first step of this journey. Are you really determined to live the life you want to live? You know, I told myself “Look, I don’t wanna eat pork in my life” (don’t get this twisted with religion, just my life and what I want), As I took up the decision not to eat pork, I trained myself well enough that no matter how fresh and appetizing it looks, I’d never bother to taste it; then what’s this training?
    Nothing really much in the training once you overcome something the first time, second time of overcoming it won’t be that hard as the first. So when you put of determination, know you are fighting with someone and imagine there is a competitor out there who is gonna throw laugh at you when you fail.
  2. Positivity: The life you are trying to live, of course everything that has advantage always do have disadvantage but why will you go for the disadvantage of what you trying to live with? I believe Maurijuana has the good side of it, if I really wanna smoke it I won’t bother to believe the bad side of it, same as if I don’t wanna smoke it then I won’t believe the good side of it. The major thing we need here is believe, so always believe the positive side of what you wanna live with.
  3. Association: It’s obvious that this post is to help you not to get influenced to the life you don’t wanna live even when associating with the people living the life. But, you can’t tell me “Hey, I don’t wanna be sagging my pants” and the majority of people you associate with are those who sag theirs. It’s not gonna work at all, you still need to associate with the people who lives the life you wanna live, they should have the majority size of your associates.
  4. Role Models: Who is a role model? Is simply someone you like and emulate things he/she does and mostly, people’s role model do have a successful life out there, no one is gonna tell me his/her role model is the mad man down the streets. To maintain the life you want to live, you should find a successful role to let you know that the life you want to live is not gonna end sad. For example, I take Mr. Zukerberg owner of Facebook as my role model and I get to notice that he doesn’t wear plain trousers and suit, when I implement that in my life and someone pops out from nowhere and tells me it’s bullshit I’ll just tell him “hey, my role model is a billionaire and that’s what he loves wearing, if it’s bullshit he shouldn’t have been the level he is now”. Now that! Makes you live the life you want to live.
  5. Believe: Ye, this. Always have the believe that you can never be influenced by what you don’t want to be influenced by, like you have control over it. This believe can really help you and it’s lead of the others.

These few are what I’ve got and it’s all out of experience, if I in a way got it wrong the comment box is always open and I will accept the correction. Cheers! 🙂

James John

Software Engineer