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Why you should avoid Base64 Data URLs Within WordPress Posts

I was working on a project which allows users to submit posts for approval but using an external editor outside the wp-admin/edit.php page. This created room for submitting images within posts as base64 URL, which at some point maxed out PHP shared memory because someone decided to submit a post embedded with a high-quality image […]

WP Meta Query: Query to Strictly Get Not Existing Meta Key and Value

This is the second time I am working on a plugin project like this, first time I don’t remember the project so I couldn’t get back the code, had to rewrite it. This time I am making a post so I could come back to it in the future. So in this case, lets say […]

Disable WordPress Cron and Use Real Cron Job

Normally, there is no way PHP can run without a page being loaded or without it being executed from CLI. So your WordPress cron how does it go about? Firstly what’s WordPress cron? What is Cron? Cron Jobs are software utility that can trigger a defined function based on time given to it, when you […]

How to Move From WordPress to Blogger

We all know it really looks weird going back to Blogger after spending sometime with WordPress which should give you more taste in blogging, but I don’t mind questioning your reasons because I once moved back to Blogger after using WordPress for some months with reasons best known to me. 😉

How to Create Customized External Post Page in WordPress

How to Create Customized External Post Page in WordPress

Yea, am not that a WordPress fan or a good user but few months ago I was working with it and it was really cool, mainly I love working with backend so I decided to use some features of WordPress which led me into reading bulks of their docs and finally gave me something. Well, […]