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[Linux][Samba]: How to Share Files and Printers to Windows Machine on the Network

On moving from the Windows environment to the Linux, you might get to a point you wish to share files and printers through the network. Yes, we do that too, you can share files and printers from a Linux machine to a Windows machine using Samba. Samba? Samba is a free software re-implementation of the […]

How to Download Direct Windows 10 ISO File From Microsoft’s Website

Installed Windows 10 few days ago with the ISO file which I downloaded with my Linux, little did I know Windows users don’t get the ISO file from Microsoft’s website till a friend complained about the link I sent to her isn’t showing up to download ISO file but a media tool. I ran some […]

Reset Forgotten Windows User Password Using Linux

Ye! I’m always running into issues and lucky me I always find a way out 🙂 It’s crappy when you forget your Windows Password without Password Recovery Disk. There are many recovery software out there but this one of Linux is so dope and easy. NB: This post is not about pointing out one OS’s […]

Compiling Multiple .vcf Files to one .vcf Using Linux or Windows Command

Switching to new mobile platform, I restored my contacts backup and unfortunately for me each contact got it’s own .vcf file and I was having like 700 contacts which makes it 700 .vcf files.

Executing Commands through PHP (Linux & Windows)

Its amazing to see PHP interact with the Operating System, as we have Command Prompt in Windows and have the Terminal in Linux PHP can externally execute commands to it and return you the output or null if an error is found.

How to Resolve “MySQL shutdown unexpectedly” in XAMPP

That moment you turn on your system which is currently running in Windows then you are unable to connect to http://localhost/phpmyadmin, you try starting your MySQL server but seeing this message MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.