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Etisalat Nigeria Missed Call Notification Service: View Missed Calls Even When Phone is Off

A nice service by Etisalat Nigeria, am always asking why won’t they charge for an important service like this? Only will charge for some useless services like Ringback Tunes :/

Well, I no longer receive lies like “I called but your mobile was off” 😀 😛 This service is one of the best I love from Etisalat Nigeria and it’s free (as at when this post was made), am not sure if Etisalat will apply charges to this service later.

What is Missed Call Notification

This is a free service offered by Etisalat to all EasyStarter lines which notifies you by SMS numbers that couldn’t reach you when they called, these includes “Switched Off Mobile” and “Unreachable Lines or No Network Coverage”

How can I use this service?

Joining this service is easy and free! To join, dial this USSD:


Within a maximum of 15mins you see receive a success SMS about joining the plan. 🙂

I don’t see any reason why you should leave such service 😉 but just in case you wanna opt out dial:


PS: Available to only EasyStarter Tarrif!

James John

Software Engineer