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Believer – How to Still Keep Your Unbelieving Friends

Friendship is a good thing, I kinda have friends all over the globe and some are religious, some are of my religion and other are not religious. Are you going to loose your friends simply because they are not religious or not of your religion? Hell no! I have couple of them and still keeping […]

My View in Church and Dressing

Ye, I better not talk about this but I wanna talk about it 🙂 . I see how dressing and church is becoming a big issue between churches especially here in Nigeria, some churches never bother about what you dress to church while some does but at last we all see the Spirit of God […]

Living by What you Want to Live With – Never get Influenced

As at when I made this post am 20 still I see myself living the life I want to live and fighting not to get influenced to life I don’t wanna live. The quote is right that bad company corrupt good manners, you can’t keep a good tomato in the midst of bad ones and […]

Are my Sins Really Forgiven? Get to know

This is a question many Christians ask that usually turn down their faith whenever they want to communicate with God. Once you close your eyes to pray, you see flash back of scenes where you indulged in sin. Let me let you know, our God is a merciful God, a very kind and graceful One […]

Does It Look As If That Sin Has Become Part of You? Get Free From It Today

Does It Look As If That Sin Has Become Part of You? Get Free From It Today

Yes it’s true you have given your life to Christ and asked for forgiveness but tomorrow you find yourself in the same sin again, as a friend told me earlier which I believed “Devil only gives you suggestions but cannot control your life!” When devil brings up a suggestion to you, not only a suggestion […]