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Plymouth – Installing and Configuring Boot Screen on Debian

By default Debian Distribution doesn’t come with a boot screen, but just bunch of debug messages on booting. I know I run a server-like distribution, but I like using it as a Desktop PC, Linux is Linux right? 😉 And there comes Plymouth Plymouth presents a graphic animation (also known as bootsplash) while the boot […]

Downloading Package Source Files and Rebuilding in Debian/Ubuntu

Gets to a point you might want to rebuild a package, maybe to be modified. It is easily done in Debian based systems. We will be using nano for this post, we are going to download nano source and rebuild it to a .deb file. Before this is done, you have to add deb-src to […]

This Python Program will Set your DNS Servers in /etc/resolv.conf Accordingly

Etisalat Mobile Communication Network blocked OpenDNS Server which turns out to be the server I use most. So each time I connect to Etisalat, I will go to edit my /etc/resolv.conf and set it to Google Public DNS. Been doing this for months and I told myself, why not write a program to check this […]

Bluetooth: Fix a2dp-source profile connect failed for XX Protocol not available in Linux

Been a while I’ve always wanted my Android to stay connected to my Linux via Bluetooth but I always get this heartbroken error message. bluetoothd[778]: a2dp-source profile connect failed for XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: Protocol not available Why This Error? Most bluetooth devices are connected to your PC to use as Multimedia device (Sound), but when it wants […]

Fix Grub efibootmgr: Could not set variable *: No space left on device

On installation of Debian 8 on a PC, grub wasn’t installed. Trying this method to install it, I got the error: efibootmgr: Could not set variable Boot0004: No space left on device I thought, is my /boot partition filled up? or my / is filled up so early. Had to even extend my /boot partition […]

Fix “bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale” in Debian

What is Locale? Locales defines language and country specific setting for your programs and shell session. You can use locales to see date, time, number, currency and other values formatted as per your country or language on a Linux or Unix-like system. To set system’s locale you need use shell variable. For example, LANG variable […]

Installing Package From LaunchPad PPA in Debian

LaunchPad PPA allows you to upload Ubuntu source packages to be built and published as an apt repository by Launchpad. Ubuntu accepts adding of Launchpad PPAs easily and install any package you want. But here in Debian, it’s not so. I figure out a way to download package from PPAs in Debian and receive updates […]

How to Add Repositories to Debian 8 “jessie”

Moved to Debian 8 recently because it has been my dream to use Debian as an OS of choice, reason is because of the name…funny though but it’s true, once I heard the name I fell in love with it 😀 Installed Debian 8 and noticed they repositories were not available making it not able […]