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My View in Church and Dressing

Ye, I better not talk about this but I wanna talk about it 🙂 . I see how dressing and church is becoming a big issue between churches especially here in Nigeria, some churches never bother about what you dress to church while some does but at last we all see the Spirit of God manifesting in both churches, is God a 2 way man? No!

PS: Before I continue, please know it that am not here to criticize any church or making you to dislike your church. This is only specific to YOU!

Firstly I will hit on what to wear to church, by the way what is a Church?

A church is building set aside for religious activities especially worshiping God by Christians

Now we see it’s a place of worship, why will I wear my night gown to church while I have better neat and moderate ones? Why should I wear my party clothes while I have more moderate ones? Believe me everyone dresses for a reason, when guys dress up and leave their chest button open it’s not a mistake 😉 it was done for a reason. Why would I sag my pants to where am going? I have a reason, so is it gonna be same reason when you do so to church? A place a worship?

To me, I think the best dressing to church is dressing moderate and neat! A friend of mine once told me he got an erection in church, is that cool? In church? Because he was seeing what he’s not suppose to be seeing in church. So nice and moderate dressing is the best!

Now this part gets us confusing, I was opportune to be reading from Christ Embassy Arlington website and I saw this line:

What should I wear?

There is not a dress code at Christ Embassy Arlington for members or guests. Our pastor and many of our church family dress in more traditional “Sunday” dress; however, a specific attire is not required, and our members wear a variety of styles of clothing. We think it makes sense to wear nice, clean, modest clothing to church. As long as you do that you will not feel out of place. – http://christembassyarlington.org/what-to-expect/

You see that? though they are not specific in church dressings but they made it clear “We think it makes sense to wear nice, clean, modest clothing to church.” that’s just the point I want to make. Some churches that are specific on dressing are tied to their doctrine and which they must obey.

Don’t get it twisted, am not saying your last Sunday’s dressing was bad or the one you are planning to wear is bad but just be that cute and responsible guy/lady when you dress 😉

The comment box is open, if you see anywhere I never said well I will accept the correction. Remain blessed 🙂

James John

Software Engineer