James John – Software Engineer

How I Downloaded Upto 1GB of File With Just N200 in Etisalat Nigeria

Hey, I know this sounds wierd but its actually true and legit! Yes, I said you can download up to or even more than 1GB file with just N200 depending on your download speed 😉

Now how is this legit because it sound unbelievable right? Well, Etisalat Nigeria released a plan called PAYG by Pulse

How does this Plan works?

Very simple, Etisalat deducts 15Naira from your account per 5Mins of browsing which is totally unlimited!

How then can it get me 1GB of file?

Very simple too! Since I hit upto 1 or 2MB/s with my Etisalat dongle, I just buy a card of 200Naira or more then activate the plan and start my download which is approximately 30mins to download a 1GB of file if your download speed is 1MB/s (60Naira only).

How can I join this plan?

Now dial this code *229*5*7# to join (Note: Once its activated your time starts counting!). Then if you are sick or tired of it, you can easily opt out by dialing *229*0#

Enjoy your surf! 🙂

James John

Software Engineer