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IKEDC: New Recharges Fail – REJECT – New Tariff & KCT

Sucks to be a Nigerian, yeah? We have got zero publicity. Things change without notice to the customers, no documentation whatsoever. If this is your first time of recharging your prepaid meter (i.e. activation), you should head here. This post is for existing prepaid users whom all of a sudden can no longer recharge their […]

This Golang Package Splits File Into Parts

A new dawn for me. I was writing C and building something with it. I discovered Go, and now I am rewriting everything to Go, and this is my first public Go package. I showed a friend this algorithm and she asks why it isn’t out there? Took some time to make it standalone and […]

How to Activate Your IKEDC MAP Prepaid Meters

If you have been given this device after fixing your prepaid meter, and given some class tutorial on how to use it but still have not gotten it working, don’t worry, I didn’t get it too. I figured it myself and I am here to help others. If you are yet to get your IKEDC […]

How to Move VirtualBox Machine Disk or Change Installation Path

Been very long I updated this blog, too bad… So few weeks ago I added 1TB HDD to my 256SSD laptop and I decided to move my VirtualBox machine installation folder to the larger space so I can expand and have more space in my home directory. This worked, I am going to show how […]

Advantages of a Guy Having a Lady as a Bestie

Like what?! And yes! I have lady as my bestie and she’s so cute -_- . Being a guy having a lady as a bestie which most guys don’t have, I’ll give ya some advantages in it… disadvantages – I’ve come across none before, sorry guys. I had this bestie since 6 or 7 years […]

My Problems with CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and DNS manager serving as Reverse Proxy for webservers. CDN delivers front-end contents to the end user, this can be done by another server which will release load from the main server delivering the back-end content. Most CDNs are paid but right from the beginning CloudFlare has the […]

GTBank: Make a Bank Transfer Without Internet – USSD Code !No Token!

After a year now of launching GTBank 1 Click TopUp, GTBank has always been making life and banking easier here in Nigeria. To be straight forward, I love GTBank! They are cool and I mean so cool! I’m not being paid for this -_- but when I see good things I testify about it. Now […]

Sublime Minifier: Minify JS & CSS in Sublime Text

To me, I can say Sublime Text is the best IDE for programming! It’s really flexible and light, the first time I jumped into Sublime, I fell in love <3 😀 and now I’ve gotten another feature ;). My last post was about Minifying JS and CSS files with YUI Compressor and I mentioned that […]

Believer – How to Still Keep Your Unbelieving Friends

Friendship is a good thing, I kinda have friends all over the globe and some are religious, some are of my religion and other are not religious. Are you going to loose your friends simply because they are not religious or not of your religion? Hell no! I have couple of them and still keeping […]

5 Reasons Why you Should Buy Paid Software

Tell me you don’t like free things, for sure you should also be buying your breath too. We all like these free things but if we do, we should be giving our services and selling our goods free of charge! Something like “business” wouldn’t have exist if we live in a free world, since it […]