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Ported TWRP Custom Recovery for Huawei G628

Got a friend that brought this phone and needed to install GApps as the ROM is a China ROM, no Google Apps were installed (a pretty old phone). I looked for a custom ROM and couldn’t find. Decided to port one after a friend showed me how 🙂 This Custom Recovery was ported from Lenovo […]

huawei3gswitcher: My little Code that Switches Huawei Modem Network Mode

Okay! I found myself using GLO Network, probably because of the cheap Internet data. But that wasn’t enjoyable, as their network 3G is not stable, my device is always jumping from 3G to 2G vice versa all the time. This disturbs my browsing I don’t use Windows, so no software for me to keep this […]

How to Root Huawei G610-U20 Android Device

At last I came into Android! 🙂 Used for few days chatting, now decided to turn it to my device. I will show you how I rooted my Huawei G610-U20  so easy 🙂