Believer – How to Still Keep Your Unbelieving Friends

Friendship is a good thing, I kinda have friends all over the globe and some are religious, some are of my religion and other are not religious. Are you going to loose your friends simply because they are not religious or not of your religion? Hell no! I have couple of them and still keeping them 🙂 and the tip is what am going to share here:

  • CONVERT: Your friends are not religious or not of your religion, your first step to keep them is to convert them to your religion so that your friendship can have a long walk, every religion has a way they do it – I mean the converting stuff. But, if it doesn’t work out – like he don’t want to join your religion, don’t bother him/her again! Don’t do it forcefully else you’d lose them easily at that moment. So once he/she turns down your offer of not joining your religion and you still want to keep him/her as a friend, don’t bother him/her again. But if it did work out then congrats that your friendship has gotten more life span and I think it’s credit in most religion – to bring in someone.
  • OFF-RELIGION: Well, when you’ve got to be near your friends you switch off religious talks with him because obviously they won’t like it and the conversation might turn conflict at that moment because beliefs are not same. Just talk about natural and moral stuffs which can keep the conversation going without any bumps.
  • INFLUENCE: You’re religious and they ain’t or they ain’t in same religion, don’t let them influence you because you believe the life your religion lives is right unless you did want to loose your religion and of course family members and relations won’t like it when they notice you’re off. When they notice such, they might find a way to path both of you because they think friends are ruining your life, you might need some tips on how to never get influenced.
  • CARING: As a friend you should care for your friends but in this case you don’t care for everything because if you do, brings conflict. Like would suggest you don’t care about their s*x lives because some religions are against pre-marital s*x or smoking, dressing etc. When you push your care to this side of their lives, you’d be causing a big trouble for your friendship, just back off and only care about their moral aspect for your friendship to keep going

With some of the above tips, I make friend with whoever I want and keep it riding… 🙂