Fix Grub efibootmgr: Could not set variable *: No space left on device

On installation of Debian 8 on a PC, grub wasn’t installed. Trying this method to install it, I got the error:

efibootmgr: Could not set variable Boot0004: No space left on device

I thought, is my /boot partition filled up? or my / is filled up so early. Had to even extend my /boot partition to see if it resolves this, but to no avail.

Finally got it fix by clearing contents in /sys/fs/pstore as it was filled with grub logs. Clear by typing

$ sudo rm /sys/fs/pstore/*

Run the grub command again and see it fixed

$ sudo grub-install /dev/sdaX

Hope this helps…

  • Tom

    Thank you, you really saved me!

  • William

    After several, long and painfull tries to solve this, I finally found this simple solution (which has nothing to do with the original error message!)

    Thank you 100000 times Jajo!

    • Really not related to the error message 😀
      Glad I could help 🙂