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Bluetooth: Fix a2dp-source profile connect failed for XX Protocol not available in Linux

Been a while I’ve always wanted my Android to stay connected to my Linux via Bluetooth but I always get this heartbroken error message.

bluetoothd[778]: a2dp-source profile connect failed for XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: Protocol not available

Why This Error?

bluetooth-logo-2Most bluetooth devices are connected to your PC to use as Multimedia device (Sound), but when it wants to connect with the sound protocol; it finds out that the protocol is not available because the module isn’t installed. Most Linux Distros use PulseAudio as sound server, which means PulseAudio Bluetooth library is not installed.

How to Fix

Easy, to fix; you have to install the PulseAudio Bluetooth Library


$ sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth



$ sudo yum install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth



$ sudo pacman -S pulseaudio-bluetooth



After installation is done, we need to restart PulseAudio server and Bluetooth for changes to take effect.

$ sudo killall pulseaudio 

$ sudo pulseaudo --start


Restart Bluetooth service

$ sudo systemctl restart bluetooth


Try to connect again, everything should be working now.

James John

Software Engineer