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How to Remove all node_modules/ in multiple directories

So today, I am about to make a switch from Debian to Arch. When I installed my Debian, I had not known about installing /etc, /var and others in different partitions. Now I want to backup my /var/www/html which contains most of my project and clients’ to an external drive, but node_modules!!! There are many […]

How to Move VirtualBox Machine Disk or Change Installation Path

Been very long I updated this blog, too bad… So few weeks ago I added 1TB HDD to my 256SSD laptop and I decided to move my VirtualBox machine installation folder to the larger space so I can expand and have more space in my home directory. This worked, I am going to show how […]

How to Hide Sub-Files and Directories on Samba Network Share

Every of my posts are attached to experience and events, so this is not an exemption 🙂 . I had to share some folders to a friend and at same time I don’t want him to see some of the files so he won’t steal them 😀 I bet you’ve been in same position, which […]

FIX: Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be threadsafe in Fedora

After a cool morning on upgrading to Fedora 27, I faced an issue when i tried to resume a web project I was working on. Apache wasn’t running and I checked what was wrong with   And caught this error as part of the debug: Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module […]

Remotely Lock & Unlock your Linux Desktop Using KDE Connect

Amazing thing is controlling your PC remotely, KDEConnect is making that possible. If you are wondering what is KDE Connect, you should take a look here. Firstly, I must talk about the poor UX. I didn’t know the command feature has been on my devices for long, I thought it is still coming as an […]

3 Fonts That Will Make You Want To Use KDE Plasma Forever!

After 2yrs ago of using GNOME and fishing out fonts that look good on it, in my adventue on KDE Plasma, I found fonts too that can make Plasma look more sleek! Guess it’s been my mission to find fresh fonts even with my hate for UI 😀 So, again I found 3 fonts for […]

[Linux][Samba]: How to Share Files and Printers to Windows Machine on the Network

On moving from the Windows environment to the Linux, you might get to a point you wish to share files and printers through the network. Yes, we do that too, you can share files and printers from a Linux machine to a Windows machine using Samba. Samba? Samba is a free software re-implementation of the […]

Smoothing Fonts in GTK Apps in KDE

Smooth font is one the sleek things I like in graphics, even in my IDEs. Without them; there’s nothing I admire in a view. Moved to Fedora some time last week and I had to reinstall KDE – my favourite desktop, I lost my configurations because I needed a new and fresh install. I found […]

Plymouth – Installing and Configuring Boot Screen on Debian

By default Debian Distribution doesn’t come with a boot screen, but just bunch of debug messages on booting. I know I run a server-like distribution, but I like using it as a Desktop PC, Linux is Linux right? 😉 And there comes Plymouth Plymouth presents a graphic animation (also known as bootsplash) while the boot […]

How to Reset MySQL Root User Permissions and Password in Linux

Sometime ago, I tampered with my MySQL root permission; I was unable to grant permission to new users, which kept me wondering why I am the root user or is there any other person? :/ In this post, I will show you have to restore your MySQL root permission which might have been tampered, and […]