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GTBank: Make a Bank Transfer Without Internet – USSD Code !No Token!

After a year now of launching GTBank 1 Click TopUp, GTBank has always been making life and banking easier here in Nigeria. To be straight forward, I love GTBank! They are cool and I mean so cool! I’m not being paid for this -_- but when I see good things I testify about it. Now what’s here for us again? They did it! Make an Bank Transfer with no Internet needed! Sounds strange huh? Sounded so to me when I heard it at first but what’s there? Just shortcodes 😉

How is This Done?
Before we jump into this, Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) is a 10-digit Bank Account numbering system which is simpler to use than traditional longer account numbering structures and is in line with requirements of the West Africa Monetary Institute, towards the economic integration of ECOWAS countries. Old Account numbers won’t work! E.g of a NUBAN Account number is 0139000000

Transfer Between GTBank Acounts
No trick, just dial this USSD in ANY phone (even Nokia 3310, if someone still uses it -_-) and make sure you are doing this with the number you registered your account with:


Something similar to the screenshot below:
gt_one_click_transferEnter the last 4 Digits of your ATM Card, as token is not required. So keep your ATM Cards safe nowadays

PS: Within GTBank Transfers, you’d be charge N20 Per Transfer

To Other Bank Accounts
Same rule but not same USSD Code, use this:


Then next you select the receiving bank, the list of banks you see are the only supported at that moment:
gt_one_click_transfer3Choose the bank and still enter your last 4 digits and your money is transferred! No more queues in bank!

James John

Software Engineer