Resolving iTunes Error 3194 and Error 11 during iPhone Restore

One of the freaking and scary moment is when restoring your iPhone device and you are getting the Error 3194 or Error 11. I got these 2 errors recently when I wanted to restore my iPhone 4 and I came to realize that this error is nothing much just that we are doing it in the way Apple doesn’t want it.
Have made much researches about it but to no avail :/ they all say the same thing with no one hitting the hay! Now lets explain what these errors inteprete.
ERROR 3194
This Error 3194 is just interpreting that iTunes was unable to reach Apple Servers to sign your IPSW file.
What can be the cause?
Well, firstly lets check the host file:
  • Locate your Host file in Windows (sorry, I don’t have or use Mac) inC:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ open with Notepad and check if you are seeing something like this
  • Remove that line or comment it by adding # to the beginning of that line
  • Save and retry
Checking for Software using the port:
I’ve come to notice that iTunes connect to Apple Servers with the port :80 then what am I gonna do?
  • Check for Software using the Port :80 and uninstall or close it for that moment (E.g. Skype, XAMP etc)
  • Check if your Firewall is blocking the Port
  • Disable your Anti-Virus for the moment
Lastly Use TinyUmbrella
If the above options doesn’t seem to work, now use the TinyUmbrella and start up the TSS Server
  • Download TinyUmbrella here
  • Plug in your iPhone and run TinyUmbrella as Administrator
  • Startup the TSS Server
  • Open your iTunes and try again
The above should work 🙂
We are done with Error 3194, lets now come to the Error 11 🙂
This is the worse error I’ve faced in iPhone restore, tried many tricks posted online and installing some software I don’t even know how it works but to no avail.
Many misunderstand this error and people that know it don’t hit the point! Now I’ll tell you the real solution to this error, no need to downgrade your iTunes or other stuffs like it.
This error only occur if your IPSW file is outdated, once there is a new update in iPhone Software restoring with the lower version gives you this error 🙂
How can I solve this?
Well, I just solved mine last night after updating to the latest iOS 7.1 which is the latest as at when I made this post. So all you have to do is.
  • Get your iTunes Updated
  • Restore your iPhone with the latest Update
I bet you won’t meet this error again.  I hope this helps 🙂
Please note that I do not take any responsibility for other sites and downloads. Always check contents and downloads for malicious content and scan with antivirus before installing.