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My computer is running slow, what shuld I do to solve it? Follow the computer slow performance fixes in this article to make your computer run faster!

Why computer slow performance?
Any of the followings may cause the slow computer:

Not enough hard drive space
Left over programs and bad system files
Data damaged or corrupted
Turn off Windows updates or drivers outdated
PC is overheating
Operating system is corrupted or broken
Bad hardware issue

How to fix the slow computer performance?
Reboot: if your computer has not been reboot recently, when your computer run slowly, the first thing you need to do is to reboot your computer.

Not enough hard drive space: clean up hard drive in regular time by some disk cleaner software to make sure that there is enough available hard drive space to speed up your computer.

Corrupted or damaged hard drive: Run Disk Defragmenter or something like that to check if there is anything physically wrong with your computer hard drive.

Too many background programs: Remove or disable any TSRs and startup programs that automatically start every time when the computer boots. Task Manager is such a tool that is mainly used to see what programs are running in the background and how much memory and CPU that are using.

Malware and spyware scanning: The various malware and spyware are another big reason for most computer problems including a slow computer performance. It is recommended to keep a full antivirus program installed and never forget to keep it updated.

Hardware conflicts: check if the device conflicts with others on your computer. For this also could cause computer problems.

Keep Windows updated: make sure that you have all the latest Windows updates installed on computer. Also, if you are on Internet, when your computer becomes slow, go to check if all the browser plugins are up-to-date or not.

Update drivers: make sure that you have got the latest drivers for your PC, especially the latest video drivers.

PC or processor is overheating: Excessive heat can be the reason for a significant decrease in computer performance. The heat related issues can also lower the speed of the processor automatically. Thus, make sure that your computer or processor is never overheating.

Memory upgrade: If you have had your computer for over one year, it is likely your computer is not meeting the memory requirements for today. Today, for more and more programs installed on PC, the recommended minimum memory in a computer should be 1GB.

Make use of register cleaner: if the above steps fail to speed up your computer, it is the time to use the register cleaner tool to fix registry issues.

Too old computer: in fact, if your computer is more than 5 years, it is likely that the age of the computer may cause it to be slow. Computer progress at an alarming rate, or new programs and updates for programs come out their minimum requirements, all will cause the old computer to run slow. Therefore, if your computer is older than 5 years, it is suggested to purchase a new one.

James John

Software Engineer