[Python] How to install Django in Windows 7

Hi all,

Python is a Linux based language and its more easy to use in Linux than Windows both the Django we are about to install. Now before installing your Django, make sure you already have Python 2.6.5 or higher installed in your system.

  • Now download Django files here https://www.djangoproject.com/download/
  • The files are usually in .tar.gz file formats which you will unzip with your WinRAR or any other tool you get
  • Extract to a certain directory and open your Command Prompt, type the directory tree starting with cd….mine is in my drive D and in a folder named Django

cd D:django

  • Now in the next command line, type dir (this lists out the files in the directory, to show you are correct in the directory tree you typed)

  • The next command line, we are going to install Django into Python, type:

setup.py install

  • Hit Enter, a fast running copying of file will be running in your Command Prompt, wait until its done

  • When the file copying is done in your Command Prompt, now open your Python IDE and type

import django

  • If no error, your django has been installed!
  • If any error, post the error message in the comment box

Hope it helps! :)