James John – Software Engineer

PHP-JSONDB: A PHP Class that Reads JSON File as Database

It’s funny though. One noon at Cafe Neo in Sabo, Yaba, I was waiting on my friend Magnus while he met his friend. Sipping my coffee and using my laptop, with the bad network there, I couldn’t browse with my GLO SIM; I then decided to play around.

I exported my MySQL Database as JSON to a file, I started wondering if someone can use this as database without converting back to SQL. From then, I started coding out and came out with this after 2hrs, as a fun time project; I abandoned it because I’ve been busy most times. Today’s free evening, I went back to the folder and did some quick finishing touches and voila! It’s on GitHub.

This class will read a JSON file as database, insert, update, select and delete – all works. Why not take a look at GitHub and tell me what you think about it 🙂

James John

Software Engineer