Now Install and Use Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 Officially!

Earlier Skype wasn’t made available to Ubuntu 14.04 users, if you’d check their website for download the least version of Ubuntu you’d see is Ubuntu 13. I can remember I installed and used Skype in my older Ubuntu 14.04 (that’s before I reformatted) but I did some tweaking before I got it. But now seems like things have changed 🙂 Skype is now made available in Conical partners repository, firstly before we install if you’d install with some tweaking like me I did suggest you uninstall it and do a fresh install in a legit way 😀 by running this

$ sudo apt-get purge --remove skype

Then let’s do installation of the new one, we will need to activate the repository because by default it isn’t:

  1. Press your Windows key and search for Software & Updates then open and move to Other Software tab then mark those 2 checkboxes as shown below
    Then exit, it should reload the apt cache once you exist but incase it doesn’t, run

    $ sudo apt-get update
  2. Now install Skype and other libraries needed for it
    $ sudo apt-get install skype

    and now rock 😀

Nothing looks more cool than downloading from official repositories 😉