MTN BIS: Using Android SimpleServer to Power Ubuntu Linux with OpenVPN

I have been rocking with the MTN BIS on PC and it’s pretty cool sha, but am not posting the procedures of getting it working in your Android or Windows. Am in for Linux! But since Linux does not have this “Simple Server” yet. Get SimpleServer for Linux, I then found a way to use the one of the Android as my source. Now you will need an Android phone which will be already running the Simple Server with MTN BIS, get it and the procedures here.

SimpleServer is now available to Linux, get yours if you prefer it

Now I assume you already have Android Simple Server running in your device and you also are rocking the MTN BIS. Every Android has WiFi Hotspot tethering I guess, tether it and connect your Ubuntu PC

  1. Install OpenVPN if you don’t have it, Ubuntu is
    $ sudo apt-get install openvpn

    then get free config files here, extract them and keep

  2. We need here your default network gateway which is your Android phone IP, type this
    ip route show

    which will output something similar to below and the underlined is where your phone IP lies

  3. Now you have found it, we are going to connect OpenVPN with your Android SimpleServer as a proxy, the Simple Server needs a Keep-Alive connection so using it as proxy directly in your Linux won’t load all sites. So OpenVPN is the best answer! 🙂 . Hope you’ve got your OpenVPN and the config files ready? (Please, use TCP config files…it works with proxy esp tcp80). Let’s connect, run this
    $ sudo openvpn --config "path/to/your/config/file" --http-proxy 8080
  4. Once this is done, hit your browser and rock! (PS: The is my phone’s IP, find yours and replace) 🙂


Since SimpleServer runs on your Android, it opens the port 8080 for listening, as your Apps and phone is sending to the port we use OpenVPN too to send to the port and tunnel your PC 😉 Comment is open 🙂