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How to Move From WordPress to Blogger

We all know it really looks weird going back to Blogger after spending sometime with WordPress which should give you more taste in blogging, but I don’t mind questioning your reasons because I once moved back to Blogger after using WordPress for some months with reasons best known to me. 😉


Formerly, I was thinking it’s not possible moving from WordPress to Blogger because Blogger isn’t self hosted and you can’t configure it to your taste but research cleared my ignorance :). Its quite easy and simple moving back to Blogger from WordPress but below are few things you should know before moving:

5 Things to Know Before Moving from WordPress to Blogger

  1. Your hosted images ain’t going with you, they are still in your WordPress and linked back to it in your post after you must have gone back to Blogger
  2. Same as uploads or attachments, they ain’t going with you either.
  3. If you are using permalink which not same as one of Blogger (e.g. donjajo.blogspot.com/2014/06/topic-name.html ) bear it in mind you are loosing your SEO and starting from 0 in it 🙂
  4. Unapproved comments and Spam comment will appear as approved in Blogger after migrating, so delete or approve them before moving over
  5. If you are a developer which you share codes on your blog using some syntax highlighting plugins, it returns as plain text in Blogger.

Now ready to move? Let’s do it! 🙂

Once importation is done, post are been added automatically to your blogger. I guess this solves your problem…

James John

Software Engineer