Managing External Email Accounts Including Webmails in Gmail

Cool features in Gmail makes it cool and primary Email service for most people. It made life easier for me when I could manage all my email accounts in different email servers. Let me explain this:

You have your other email accounts probably a Webmail (a custom email account of your domain name) and you check them all the time to see if there are new mails, that takes much time, aye? What if I told you, give these jobs to Gmail and just login to your Gmail account and see mails in other email servers. Cool right?

What me put you through on configuring this in your Gmail.

What is needed?

  • POP3 Mail server
    • Yahoo
      • Server:
      • Server Port: 995
      • SSL: Yes
    • Hotmail
      • Server:
      • Port: 995
      • SSL: Yes
    • Webmail
      • Contact your Webmail Administrator
  • Login details
  • SMTP Server (If you also wish to send from Gmail)
    • Yahoo:
      • Host:
      • Port: 465 or 587
    • Hotmail:
      • Host:
      • Port: 587

Adding E-Mail Account to Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail Account, click on the gear icon at top right and select Settings
  • Move to the Accounts and Import tab, scroll to Check email from other accounts (using POP3): then Add a POP3. A new Popup window opens
  • Input your email address you wish to merge and go Next. Here is the Settings for the mail account:

    • Username: Your full email address as shown below
    • Password: Password to the email
    • POP Server: POP3 Server, If you are using Yahoo! or Hotmail, check above
    • Port: Server port
    • Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server: By default, once mail are brought to your Gmail inbox, it is deleted from the origin server. Check this option if you wish to leave a copy at the origin server
    • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail: If your POP3 Server supports SSL, check this
    • Label incoming messages: Label to tag on any message coming from the email to Gmail
  • Save the details, if they are correct. You’re good to go!

Do you also wish to send mail through Gmail too?

  • Lets continue, put in the Name you want to be sending the mail as, uncheck Treat as an alias
  • Put in your SMTP Server details, if you are using Yahoo or Hotmail, check above or contact your Webmail administrator for SMTP details of your Webmail, Save and wait for Gmail to validate authentiation data.
  • A verification mail is sent to the mail, just check your Gmail, its already there 😉 since you’ve configured to receive mails for that email 🙂

This is how its been done, hope it helps! 🙂