Introducing Our SimpleServer In Linux and Mac :)

Based on this post, SimpleServer has only been available to Windows users while using it on Linux goes with running with Wine. But recently, an open-source developer wrote one for Linux which work so far I’ve tested it, just like Windows’ the configuration is same.

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Using SimpleServer in Linux
Download SimpleServer, extract and make sure SimpleServer.pyc is executable

$ chmod 774 SimpleServer.pyc

As normal configuration in Windows, the config file here is SimpleServer.conf which you can edit to your choice.

Run SimpleServer by changing to the simpleserver directory and type:

$ ./

If you’re having issues like not running, run with Python directly

$ python

and it should be up and running
Screenshot from 2015-07-16 08:06:01Any issues, please use the comment…I’ll notify the developer about this post so he could follow up your comments.

Now available on GitHub  –