How to Disable Pop-Under Ads in Bidvertiser

Earlier when I was using Bidvertiser Ad Service, Pop Under Ads was a huge problem for me, and also when I visit a site and meet a large ads that slides in, it kinda annoys me and also discourage me returning to the site. Later I got rid of it by disabling it, it is been enabled automatically when you create a new Bidvertiser. How I did that is what am about telling you below

  • Login to Bidvertiser->Bidvertiser Center
  • Click the radio button of your site URL you want to disable the Pop Under Ads and then click Preferences as shown below

  • In the new pop up box of the Preferences look for Display Pop-Under Ads, then just change it to No

All is now done, it takes like 6hours for the changes to act in your site

Hope it helps…


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