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Don’t Panick! Restore Deleted Files in Your Android Device Using DiskDigger (Root)

It was an awkward moment for me when I mistakenly deleted a valuable picture of mine lol. Might have happened to you that’s why you are reading this post 😛 . Well, I never panicked, as I thought “If there is a way to restore data in a deleted or formatted drive in Windows, am sure there must be a way to get this my picture back”. I visit Mr. Google as well known that Google is always my Mr. Know All 😀

Now let’s get serious 🙂 I found out an application which is the DiskDigger which you can get from PlayStore. Open and grant permission to read available drives to scan.

PS: Your Android must be rooted!


Then scan the storage device, select file formats to scan out (Some file formats are locked to premium users). 5 minutes is okay to get your files scanned and recover deleted file in a drive.

Screenshot_2014-10-16-07-51-53You are good to go! Mark files then restore to device 🙂


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James John

Software Engineer