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PHP-JSONDB: A PHP Class that Reads JSON File as Database

It’s funny though. One noon at Cafe Neo in Sabo, Yaba, I was waiting on my friend Magnus while he met his friend. Sipping my coffee and using my laptop, with the bad network there, I couldn’t browse with my GLO SIM; I then decided to play around. I exported my MySQL Database as JSON […]

Let’s Encrypt: How to Generate Free Signed SSL Certificate For Your Domain

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that entered public beta on December 3, 2015 that provides free X.509 certificates for Transport Layer Security encryption (TLS) via an automated process designed to eliminate the current complex process of manual creation, validation, signing, installation and renewal of certificates for secure websites. Let’s Encrypt made it easy for […]

Restore Visitors’ Original IP from CloudFlare in Apache 2.4

Earlier I made a post on My Problems with CloudFlare and this was one them, I guess they saw my post and decided to do something 😀 . Meanwhile if you are in Business Enterprise Plan in CloudFlare you can activate for the user’s real IP be sent to you via Header but, poor me… […]

My Problems with CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and DNS manager serving as Reverse Proxy for webservers. CDN delivers front-end contents to the end user, this can be done by another server which will release load from the main server delivering the back-end content. Most CDNs are paid but right from the beginning CloudFlare has the […]

Creating and Enabling Swap Memory in Ubuntu 14 & 15

A Swap File in Linux is a designated storage in Linux Filesystem where data can be stored temporarily when it can no longer be contained in the RAM, this can help prevent your Sytem from crashing. Sometimes my 4G RAM gets filled up when I’m running heavy packages which hangs my system, but with Swap; […]

Installing and Using Webmin in Ubuntu Linux – Web-based System Administration

Webmin is Web-based tool for making System Administration in Linux easier not editing those codes and config files all the time. I am a great fan of this tool because I’ve used it and it helped me alot especially in config files, this tool is also light and doesn’t need much RAM memory to run. […]

Using and Configuring Virtual Hosts (Addon Domain) in Apache for Ubuntu 14.04

If you’ve got a VPS or your own private server, of course you won’t want to use it for a site only, you would want to add more sites because it’s a private server and you do your stuffs the way you want it. Apache offers this which is so easy, hosting multiple websites in […]

Setting Up FTP Server In Ubuntu 14.04 Using VSFTPD

Server is up without FTP, will you be using SSH all the time? Nah! Time to create an FTP Server for your clients to interact with files and data in your server. In this tutorial I will try to make things easier for you by God’s grace 🙂 I assume you are using Ubuntu 14.04 […]

Modify Apache ServerTokens to your Custom Value Using Mod_Security Module

I can view any server software any site is using. Cool ye? Why not be unpredictable! I like being unpredictable 😉 View your current or any site’s server software by visiting here

Configuring Simple Firewalls in Ubuntu 14.04 Using UFW

When building up a Web Server, especially Unmanaged all you have in mind is how to secure your server right? Now you need a firewall to block and open some ports in your server.