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Yea, am not that a WordPress fan or a good user but few months ago I was working with it and it was really cool, mainly I love working with backend so I decided to use some features of WordPress which led me into reading bulks of their docs and finally gave me something. Well,…

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Its a year now when I was still a cool newbie in PHP thought am not yet expert now 🙂 I was coding something like a forum where users can post and other users can read and comment. I hosted the project and something just hit my head “What if a user posts <script>alert(‘hello’)</script> will…

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Query not your database too much and leave it to rest, which will absolutely make your page load as fast as a local html file in your PC WHAT IS CACHING? This is the act of storing a data for future retrieval in a faster way. WHERE IS CACHING NEEDED? Well, I should say when…

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Hello there, was just surfing on PHP functions in their site and came accross this function and it works great! Though I don’t even know how the Easter is been calculated Below is the script, copy it to a PHP file and save or download the attachment: <?php function check_easter($year) {     $y = getdate(easter_date($year));     if($year<date(‘Y’)) {         $word = ‘was’;     }     else {         $word = ‘is’;…

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Hi there, below is a little snippet of what using Proxy in PHP cURL <?php$loginpassw = ”; //your proxy login and password here if any$proxy_ip = ‘’; //proxy IP here$proxy_port = 80; //proxy port from your proxy list$url = ”; //URL to get//Lets initiate cURL$ch = curl_init();//Some useful things we need for it to workcurl_setopt($ch,…

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Sometime ago the time() function in PHP seems to confuse me of not knowing how to use it but I was just told it calls up current time and date. Well, my research later gave me something when I was accessing all functions my Dreamweaver suggests for me. I found the getdate() function and saw…

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Below is a little snippet of what you are looking for <?php## Define zip file name define(‘FILENAME’,’’);##Zip Archive namedefine(‘DIR_LOC’,’zip’);## directory to exract the files to//Start new ZipArchive$zip = new ZipArchive;//Opening the file name you defined$zip->open(FILENAME);//Extrating file$zip->extractTo(DIR_LOC);//We are done, closing connection…$zip->close();?>

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