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Using PyMySQL as MySQL Driver for Python3

When it comes to DBMS am pretty cool with MySQL, having used it for long (since I started programming though) I haven’t gone for another or tested another yet, so each language I move into I try to see if it incorporates MySQL. Back there in PHP I was pretty cool with it, now in […]

Using Remmina as GUI SSH Client for Linux

Back there in Windows I have Putty which is cool and works with no issues, but here in Linux I enjoy everything in CLI. I found out some user of Linux distro ain’t actually using it as servers, some use it as their primary OS and work on it which makes them not that good […]

John the Ripper: Detect Weak Unix Passwords and Hashes

First time I used this tool, I was amazed because it got my root and user password easily (it wasn’t that strong though). About John the Ripper John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix […]

Use SSH as Proxy for Secure Connection in Linux

Internet is cool but still security matters, if you jump into my network I can monitor your data (webpages you load) but if they are secure i.e. loading to SSL then I can’t read or access those. Now SSH is Secure Shell using SSL for communication between local and online server and we are gonna […]

Disable WordPress Cron and Use Real Cron Job

Normally, there is no way PHP can run without a page being loaded or without it being executed from CLI. So your WordPress cron how does it go about? Firstly what’s WordPress cron? What is Cron? Cron Jobs are software utility that can trigger a defined function based on time given to it, when you […]

Now Install and Use Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 Officially!

Earlier Skype wasn’t made available to Ubuntu 14.04 users, if you’d check their website for download the least version of Ubuntu you’d see is Ubuntu 13. I can remember I installed and used Skype in my older Ubuntu 14.04 (that’s before I reformatted) but I did some tweaking before I got it. But now seems […]

Installing and Using Webmin in Ubuntu Linux – Web-based System Administration

Webmin is Web-based tool for making System Administration in Linux easier not editing those codes and config files all the time. I am a great fan of this tool because I’ve used it and it helped me alot especially in config files, this tool is also light and doesn’t need much RAM memory to run. […]

Using and Configuring Virtual Hosts (Addon Domain) in Apache for Ubuntu 14.04

If you’ve got a VPS or your own private server, of course you won’t want to use it for a site only, you would want to add more sites because it’s a private server and you do your stuffs the way you want it. Apache offers this which is so easy, hosting multiple websites in […]

Using Nginx as Reverse Proxy for Apache in Ubuntu 14.04

For sure Apache is a cool Web Server because of mods being available to tweak to anything you want as long as you provide it’s food which is memory! But the evolving of Nginx seem to start knocking of Apache because it’s less memory consuming and faster, what if your site already run Apache and […]

Setting Recursively Different File Permissions on Directories and Files in Linux

In the directory your Web Server is serving, you might need some permission on files and directories for security purposes. As www-data is the common user for Web Servers and it has to own a file for it to have access to it, sometimes we don’t create a file or directory with the www-data guy […]