Auto Update of RSS Feed Content to Facebook Using

Auto update of your site content to social networks does good to SEO and site traffic itself. I found a secure site that does this a year ago and its free! :)

How to Update RSS Feed Content to Social Networks Using

  • First, just login to the site or create an account if you don’t have any
  • Login in is done, now click on Route tab and then click on Add Route link, and behold a dialog box as shown below


  • Now click on Add link that is in the same line with the Source tab
  • There goes another pop out box, then choose the circled one as shown below

  • We are adding feed that’s why we choose that image, then next click on Add Feed
  • First tab is Feed Details, fill up the form
    Feed URL: This is the url to your RSS Feed
    Choose when it should make first post
    Feed Active: Check the check-box for the feed to be active

  • Now we move over to the second tab which is Feed Update
    Feed Update Period: Frequent update of feed in a specified time
    Max Number of Items to Post per Update Period: Already explained….
    Max Number of Items to Post per Day: Already explained too…
    Since we are just doing the simple and easy way no other need to go further, just hit save source


  • Now the add link in the same line with the Destination tab, next is a dialog box, we are dealing with Facebook, so lets choose Facebook as shown below

  • Click on Connect to Facebook, then accept some permission and choose Account to auto post your RSS Feed content and Save

  • Great! Your account has been connected! :) then save!

We are done! Wait for some ours and feeds will be automatically posted! :)

Spero is succurro :)