James John – Software Engineer

5 Reasons Why you Should Buy Paid Software

Tell me you don’t like free things, for sure you should also be buying your breath too. We all like these free things but if we do, we should be giving our services and selling our goods free of charge! Something like “business” wouldn’t have exist if we live in a free world, since it does exist then we should allow ourselves to eat by buying the paid services or goods.

This IT world is a sweet and terrible world, you build your mighty app or software and want to get rich with it; someone pops out of nowhere and get your app (buy is probably) then give it out free to the world, making you a fool and you app loosing it’s value. YOU! That gets are free software, why would someone just give you a costly thing for free? Is it love? (LOL). I will tell you why you shouldn’t accept this free costly gifts in IT world 🙂

James John

Software Engineer