Why I don’t Watch NollyWood Movies

I might be a proudly Nigerian but not to the side of Nollywood, their movies really sucks to me. Can you believe that once I take a look at a Nollywood movie cover paper I can close my eyes and tell you how the movie is gonna start and end? They are damn too predictable that is still just one vulnerability of them, the last time I bought a Nollywood movie with my cash is like 2008 but can’t recall last time I sat down and watch a Nollywood movie from start to end. But come to Hollywood, they rock! I enjoy their movies quite well 🙂 although my mum might say it’s all about shooting and killing but if you really concentrate on the movie, you must learn one thing!

Well, am not saying I can do it better than Nollywood because am not a script writer and am not actor but when someone sees what’s good you must testify and want to copy. Sometimes I ask myself if these Nollywood script writers just by mistake peep into a Hollywood movie?  They should see the BIG difference, I can point out my hates in Nollywood if you wish to read on 🙂

PS: If you are already a NollyWood fan, I bet you ain’t gonna like this. Sacrifice a time and sit down, watch a HollyWood movie from start to end and see the diff

  • Genres: I’ve not seen Nollywood movies categorized, like I can’t just goto a movie shop and ask the shopkeeper to get me categories of Action Nollywood movies or Romance. They act and mix everything up! When I feel like watching a comedy I end up seeing more of Action and sometimes Romance in it too, since 2009/2010 I haven’t seen parents watching Nollywood movie and feel that comfortable watching it with their kids, why? Because they are not sure of what they are watching, they are not sure what next is gonna show up. But come to Hollywood, I can get an Action, Religious or Comedy movie and it hits to the point!
  • Parts: This seems to be the most annoying part, I watch “Ada is a girl” which never ended well, expecting to see the part 2 I heard its now “Nneka is a woman” and I go all over the market looking for it, what if I don’t know that it’s another part of “Ada is a girl”? I will end up wasting money because definitely I won’t get the movie. Why not just something to looks familiar with the part 1.
  • Timing: Seriously, I have with my 2 naked eyes and ears seen and heard a movie showing of only 25 or 30 minutes! And next was “Watch out for Part 2!” I was like “wtf did I just watch?”. I have watched movies of 3 hours in a one disc and which is obviously a Hollywood movie (Hobbit if am to be precise), why can’t Nollywood just act like a 2 hour movie or at least 1hr 20mins movie and people will enjoy it.
  • Adverts: Even with DVD 32x fast forward, I still sit for like a minute for me to get to the main movie at start. Sometimes I ask, what are they advertising if their movies are really interesting? That’s why we’ve got the internet and something like IMDB but they won’t use it, if a movie industry is having like 20 movies they have released they must advertise the 20 before you start your movie. If they really need that advert why not at the end of the movie because obviously we all fast forward it at start.
  • Cultural/Religious: That’s another point, we are too cultural and religious in our movies which is mostly all. I never said we should throw away our culture or religion but can’t there be more technology and modern lives in our movies? Still lands on the genre issue, categorize the movies to something more out of culture and religion, just be modern life movie as 007 put it in our memory that BMW can do everything, actually it’s not true but can come to reality in future and who is gonna implement it? The ones that watched it today! That’s growth.
  • Release Dates: Ish! Part 1 & 2 can be release in one month -_- that’s why we watch and forget it. But what if you pend the people like releasing it in the next year (if your movie is really interesting 😛 ) people must wait as am waiting for Avenger – Age of Ultron, Batman vs Superman etc. Last Avengers was on 2012 and see how patiently am waiting and I will buy it no matter the amount, thats a movie!

Well, my fingers are aching now while I’ve still got more to write about Nollywood. We need that change, meanwhile if you wanna add something or wanna correct me, comment box is usually open. Cheers!