Advantages of a Guy Having a Lady as a Bestie

Like what?! And yes! I have lady as my bestie and she’s so cute -_- . Being a guy having a lady as a bestie which most guys don’t have, I’ll give ya some advantages in it… disadvantages – I’ve come across none before, sorry guys. I had this bestie since 6 or 7 years ago and we’ve looked as for each other and share problems. Meanwhile let me drop down some advantages:

  • Learning: Yup its the first thing, You’ve got to know some things about ladies through her, both of you will share experiences about each other and be quite comfortable with it.
    Last time mine told me how you ladies feel when you so love something and don’t have cash for it and how you fight to get the money for it, maybe when I get married it won’t be hard for me…Cool! What I told her? Many! That I can’t even remember one 🙁
  • She knows you most: Remember, she’s still a lady! But a bestie and definitely she’ll know more about you than even your other guy friend, when you’re in for fun and when you’re off or being serious about something she would know and hardly you hide things from her. Same as you being a guy, you’ll be so inquisitive upon every action she takes and being so, you get to know her more.
  • Taking the lead in your love life: You’re not dating right? And you also might be dating someone, just tip them “Hey, I someone cute today” for sure next question is “How does she look like? How old is she? Is she fair or dark?”. They will never want you to make a mistake in that and always got your back in that, anyhow your lady behaves and you think it’s not right; throw it to her and you get a better answer 😉
  • Money can never interfere: You won’t be going into business with female bestie, they’ll always stay aside and give support if you need help in the business. Unlike guys; you might want both of you to start up something or in anyhow you got some money to share and it becomes an issue to some.
  • Support: She provides supports in everything, the additional support she’d provide is for you to go over to her place and get your belle filled free of charge 😉 😀 and you can even borrow her Facebook account for something and they will never suspect, trust me 😉
  • She loves you for who you are, around her you’d be free not to be judged and that she loves about you. No matter what you do, she is there.