5 Reasons Why you Should Buy Paid Software

Tell me you don’t like free things, for sure you should also be buying your breath too. We all like these free things but if we do, we should be giving our services and selling our goods free of charge! Something like “business” wouldn’t have exist if we live in a free world, since it does exist then we should allow ourselves to eat by buying the paid services or goods.

This IT world is a sweet and terrible world, you build your mighty app or software and want to get rich with it; someone pops out of nowhere and get your app (buy is probably) then give it out free to the world, making you a fool and you app loosing it’s value. YOU! That gets are free software, why would someone just give you a costly thing for free? Is it love? (LOL). I will tell you why you shouldn’t accept this free costly gifts in IT world 🙂

  • VULNERABLE: Yep! This is always the first one and will always be, in fact I didn’t have any other thing in mind when I thought of this topic than this. People get paid softwares and they don’t but it actually…they hijack them from responsible user who has bought the software already and then add some malicious codes to it which are called Viruses (Adware, Malware, Trojans and Spywares). Once you get this “cracked” softwares are it’s been called and you thank them of course then they nod their heads with a smile, waiting for you to install and be their victim. For sure the software must be working but what happens behind it is not to your notice.
  • GUILTY: For sure you always will be guilty of software counterfeiting because you have no prove that you bought the software, the software creators can sue you and get you arrested without minding where you got it from. But this applies to some countries which are against this, some are not.
  • IRRESPONSIBLE: Aha! Yes you are! Can you buy a stolen car that you obviously know it’s stolen? I guess no, unless if you are also a thief. Being a responsible being you shouldn’t buy stuffs like that and report sellers if possible 😀
  • SUPPORT: You are gonna miss support from software creators because you have no evidence that you bought the software, normally when you buy stuffs like this they know you need support and manual, so they give you a prove (mostly a receipt) so when coming for support you show the prove that you really bought the software and they assist you. And also, no updates for you like mostly in Windows once you update they check if your Windows is legit else they disable it making you buy it.
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: When you bought the software you’d like it right? Then when you ain’t paying the developers to encourage to continue their good works, how do you expect them to continue? No way! They dump the development for another one, so buying software is indeed good and people creating it takes it as their business. Help make the world a better place! 🙂